Check if you are 'The Responsible Person' in a Workplace


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A workplace means any premises or parts of premises used by an employer and made available to their employees as a place of work. It includes but may not be limited to:

  • rooms
  • lobby areas
  • corridors
  • staircases

You are the Responsible Person if:

You are the employer and the workplace is to any extent under your control, for example:

  • you run the company
  • you are a manager responsible for safety in the workplace
  • it is a family-owned business
  • you are self-employed

You may be the Responsible Person if:

1. You are not the employer but have some degree of control over the premises (where there isn’t a traditional employer / employee relationship or where volunteers are involved), for example:

  • village hall
  • scout hut
  • charity shop
  • place of worship

2. You own a commercial premises and it is not legally under someone else’s control, for example it is derelict.

If these examples describe your role, you are the Responsible Person.


See also, Enforcement, appeals and Penalties.