Weekly Fire Alarm Test

London Fire Alarms can carry out you Weekly Fire Alarm Test for you.

Weekly Fire Alarm Test

Fire Safety Law in England and Wales require a proper system of Maintenance to be in place. See also Enforcement, appeals and Penalties

To comply with the requirements of BS5839 for commercial premises or domestic premises with a grade A Fire Alarm system, a weekly test of the Fire Alarm System must be carried out. This is the legal duty of The Responsible Person. It should be done at the same time each week. A different Manual Call Point should be operated each week. Correct operation of the Fire Alarm System including indication of Zone and Label should be observed. Any remote signalling should be proved. The test must be properly recorded in The Fire Alarm log book 

Most Fire Alarm Panels have a built in ‘Event Log’. So all Fire Alarm activations are recorded (this is like the black box of the fire alarm system). If the Fire Alarm System is linked to a ‘Monitoring Centre’ then all of the Fire Alarm activations will be recorded there as well.

In the event of a real FIRE, the Insurers and the Fire Brigade can easily check whether or not these weekly tests were actually carried out. This, they will do and the implications of failure on the part of The Responsible Person are obvious.

If you are not able to fulfil this obligation, then why not let London Fire Alarms relieve you of the burden of this responsibility?

The cost of the Weekly Fire Alarm Test is usually between £58 – £80 depending on the location of your premises.

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