Fire Alarm Certificate

Below is an example of a London Fire Alarms Inspection & Servicing Report (Fire Alarm Certificate). It has been designed to make life easier for our customers by helping them to easily identify what actions, if any, are necessary to comply with the British Standard BS5839 Part 1 2017.

Our customers will not have to rack their brains trying to understand all of the technical details of the report, but rather will be able to pay particular attention to those parts that are in red, which indicate non-compliance.

Fire Alarm Certificate Page 1
Fire Alarm Certificate Page 2

Emergency Lighting Certificate

Below also is an example of the London Fire Alarms Emergency Lighting Certificate

Emergency Lighting Certificate

These certificates are the intellectual property of London Fire Alarms and may not be copied without the permission of London Fire Alarms.

London Fire Alarms can also carry out your Weekly Fire Alarm Test and Monthly Emergency Lighting Test.

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